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Dedicated Guitar Teaching Rooms


We offer 1 to 1 Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar lessons in our dedicated teaching studios, which are based in Thurcroft, Rotherham.
Lessons are for all ages, abilities and styles, so whether you are a seasoned professional, who wants help on a specific area of your playing, a complete beginner or somewhere in between, we can help.
You can book 1 to 1 guitar lesson slots for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, the choice is yours.
Our studios are equipped with everything you require for your 1 to 1 guitar lessons, although most students prefer to use their own guitar. 
City Music Schools guitar teachers are seasoned professionals, who are very much in demand as players as well as teachers. They have a wealth of experience, knowledge and a passion for playing the guitar. They love to share their knowledge with our students.

All Styles, Ages and Abilities

State of the Art Equipment


Outstanding 100% Grade Exam Pass Rate


Playing Guitar is a very expressive and individual skill. We will enable you to develop your own personality and style on the guitar. In your lessons you will learn many techniques, concepts and styles, including chord sequences, strumming, arpeggios, finger picking, speed sweeping, tremolo notes, slapped harmonics, walking bass and much more!

 If you want to concentrate on a specific style or just want to work on certain aspects of your playing, we will structure your lessons to your particular goals.




Any questions?

It’s easy to book your music lessons or get your questions answered first Call 0798 889 8322 or send us a message.


For those of you who wish to gain qualifications, we offer accredited grades. Students who pass grade 6 to 8, earn UCAS points which aid entry in to your chosen university.


In addition to our 1 to 1 lessons, we offer 30-minute guitar classes [you will require your own guitar], where you will learn guitar techniques and songs in a class with other students.
As a guitar student at our school, you will be able to take part in our very popular ‘City School of Rock’ classes, where you will experience the joy of making music with other musicians from our school, ‘Preparing you for the worldwide stage’!

Our mission is to help all of you reach your full potential and enable you to become the guitarist you want to be.